Breast Infection

Comprehensive Breast Care

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The most common breast problems seen in consultation with a surgical specialist are:

Breast Infection

Breast infections are divided into two categories: those that occur during pregnancy and breast feeding versus bacterial infections that occur outside of pregnancy.

During breast feeding and pregnancy, infections are often attempted to be resolved with antibiotic therapy. If this fails, incision and drainage may be required. While this offers the quickest recovery, breast feeding may need to be ceased on the involved side to allow the wound to heal. Non-surgical drainage of a breast abscess is usually ineffective.

When an abscess occurs outside of pregnancy, incision and drainage is the most expedient way of curing an abscess if a short course of antibiotics is unsuccessful. This also allows for a biopsy to be obtained to exclude an underlying breast cancer.

Breast Infection Treatment Options

  • Antibiotics with Conservative Therapy
  • Surgical Drainage

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