Abnormal Mammogram

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The most common breast problems seen in consultation with a Breast Specialist are:

An Abnormal Mammogram, Ultrasound or MRI finding is an additional reason to see your local breast specialist. Our Boulder breast specialists can help you understand your abnormal mammogram.

Abnormal Mammogram

It is recommended that patients have mammogram studies performed annually beginning when they are 40. A mammogram before age 40 is of limited use because a woman’s breast tissue is generally too dense for the mammogram to identify a significant amount of detail. Around age 40, the breasts begin to thin out and become less dense in appearance. This process allows for more detail to be seen with mammography. Because of this dynamic change, it is important to perform mammography annually to follow any changes that occur over time.

Abnormal mammographic findings are benign 85-90% of the time. Most abnormalities are normally occurring masses and calcifications. Other abnormalities include changing masses, asymmetry, architectural distortion, skin changes, and axillary lymph node enlargement.

An abnormality identified on a screening mammogram usually prompts additional mammographic views to specifically examine the area of concern more closely. An ultrasound or MRI may be recommended to further examine the area of concern. If the abnormality is deemed to be most likely benign (not a cancer) with the additional studies, no biopsy is indicated. If further studies show a persistent abnormality, then a tissue sampling procedure (biopsy) is recommended to be sure that it is not a cancer.

Most abnormalities seen on mammography cannot be felt by touch. Therefore tissue sampling or biopsies are often guided by the use of diagnostic imaging (i.e. mammogram, ultrasound, or MRI). The most minimally invasive technique is always the preferred method often using a needle to collect the tissue sample. Occasionally an open biopsy through an incision is necessary to properly sample the area of concern.

Abnormal Mammogram Treatment Options

  • Sterotactic Biopsy
  • Surgical Biopsy
  • Additional Advanced Imaging Studies (Ultrasound, MRI, BSGI)

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