Here are some testimonials from patients we’ve had the privilege to serve:

“Just wanted to say thanks for all you’ve done for me. Your abilities gave me back my life, but your kindness is what really touches me. You’re the best and I’m doing well now thanks to you…. Can’t imagine anyone else doing surgery on me! Thanks to you and your wonderful office gang.”
– M.E.
“Whenever I count my blessings, I am always thankful for you.”
– D.B.
“As long as I live, I will be grateful to you for your knowledge, skill and devotion to your profession.”
– R.K.
“His follow-up and bedside manner were excellent.”
– Anonymous
“We all want to thank you for your great skill and care! We feel we have a good sample of your talents and all have given rave reviews. More seriously, your gentle style, clear communication and sense of humor make these unpleasant situations far easier. You instill confidence and made us all feel calm.”
– G.L.
“You restored my faith in modern medicine.”
– E.Y.
“Just wanted to thank you for the extraordinary care I received during my entire experience of this surgery. This procedure terrified me more than you know and the time, sense of humor, compassion and professionalism that you and your staff showed me surpassed my expectations. My experience is one I could say was extremely positive… You and the staff at Foothills have changed my entire perception of the medical community. Thank you for doing what you do with such grace.”
– M.R.
“Thank you for the gift of life. You are special. Always believe the world needs you.”
– E.J.
“And a thanks to Dr. Fox for coming in and repairing my trust and faith in a surgeon. Being pleasant and answering questions was very helpful.”
– Anonymous
“I can’t thank you enough for how straight-forward and honest you were with me throughout my diagnosis and how patient and compassionate you’ve been throughout my treatment. It’s meant all the world to me. You are stellar at returning phone calls which, as a patient, is one of the hardest parts of this process. You’ve been very accommodating with your time on the weekends…. Humor is always a good thing… I think it’s rare to find such a caring and understanding team of outstanding doctors all under one roof.”
– J.G.
“Thank you so much for your expert care and kindness.”
– L.M.
“I wanted to thank you again for all the care, kindness and support you brought to me during my recent illness.”
– William C.
“Our family would like to express our profound gratitude to you for the excellent care that was given to our loved one. We do feel you went about the call of duty with special concern, caring, love and attention regarding his needs. We also would like to express our gratitude for the knowledge and patience that you gave to us as a family. Making sure we understood every step of the way those things that were happening or not happening with his progress…. We will always remember the excellent care you gave him and thank you for the bottom of our hearts.”
– B.J.
“I want to convey again my deepest gratitude for your skills as a surgeon, your kind and caring attitude; your completeness and thoroughness in your patient care.”
– S.O.
“No words can express how I feel. Your heart is so full of compassion, love and respect! You have taken my darkness and turned it into rays of sunshine! Thank you so very much.”
– G.D.
“Not only am I grateful, thankful and appreciate YOU but I thank God that you were there to help me. Paul and I enjoyed meeting your (children) when you were doing rounds. So you “get” how important it is for me to still be around to raise my babies. Thanks for my second chance!”
– E.J.
“Thank you for the gift of life. You are special. Always believe the world needs you.”
– M
“I just wanted to send a note to wish you “Happy Anniversary”. This is the one year anniversary of when you saved my life. Not only did you help me live, you made it possible for me to celebrate another Christmas, another New Year and the ability to appreciate life in a whole different way. You gave me the gift of life.”
– J.B.

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